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Oppose the planned 20% increase in the size of Otley

What we oppose

Leeds City Planners are proposing a very substantial increase in the size of Otley without meaningful consultations with residents and without any commitment to make appropriate improvements to our infrastructure and transport links.

We find it ODD that:

• The new Leeds Local Development Framework (LDF) is proposing 20% more houses in Otley (evidence for the 20% rise).

• The LDF classification of identified potential development sites in Otley (map of these sites) implies a planned construction of 1,177 additional houses in Otley.

  • The actual house construction across these sites could easily be higher than the planned increase of 1,177 houses.
  • A significant number of extra new houses will also be built on other (as yet unidentified) “windfall” sites in Otley.

• The LDF documentation does NOT state the planned increase in size for each community.

• Planning process has considered each of the identified potential development sites individually without any consideration of their combined impact on communities.

• Otley is threatened with a planned increase in population of 20% when the figure for Leeds as a whole is only a 9% (both relative to 2001 the census).

• There has been no meaningful consultation about the planned increase in the overall size of Otley or assessment of the impact on our infrastructure.

Our schools are full.

• Our doctors are full.

• Our dentists are full.

• Our transport links to the major centres of employment are inadequate and already chronically overloaded.

• There are NO proposals to upgrade Otley’s infrastructure to accommodate the planned increase in population.

What we seek for Otley:

• Reconsideration of the LDF housing plans.

• Assessment of their impact on our overloaded infrastructure.

• Brownfield sites developed prior to greenfield sites.

• Well-designed sustainable housing in a sustainable town.

• Delivery of meaningful levels of affordable housing.

Please read the guidance documents ODD: What YOU can do and ODD: Politics